Atlanta bat removal

Since 1994, our Atlanta Wildlife Removal Experts from A All Animal Control have been helping the people of Atlanta, Georgia reclaim their homes and businesses from wildlife animals. Our qualified professionals safely, humanely, and efficiently remove and relocate wildlife nuisances away from your home or business. Using our certified 67 point inspection, our experts at AAAC are able to find, seal and repair all points of entry so that you can achieve peace of mind that the wild animals will not be able to return. All of our seals come with a lifetime guarantee!

Atlanta Squirrel Removal

As one of the most common species of wildlife in Atlanta, squirrels are frequently found to be a nuisance for many homes and businesses. Especially during colder months, squirrels will make their nests anywhere they can find shelter, such as attics, crawl spaces, basements, sheds, barns and cars. Common signs of a squirrel invasion are sounds of scratching and chewing, as well as damage and unpleasant odors. For removal of squirrels in your Atlanta home or business, our experts will conduct a 67 point certified inspection to find where the squirrels are entering and initiate a safe and humane trapping program. In addition, our Atlanta squirrel removal professionals can repair and seal off all damage and points of entry to ensure that no future infestations occur.

Atlanta Raccoon Removal

Where shelter or food can be found, raccoons make a habit of tearing into and living in attics, crawl spaces and basements. Raccoons can not only cause damage to your home or business, but also pose a major health risk as they can carry diseases such as rabies that can be spread to people and pets. At AAAC, our Atlanta raccoon removal experts can safely and humanely remove and relocate raccoons away from your home or business. To ensure that future raccoon invasions do not occur, our Atlanta raccoon removal professionals will also repair all damage and all entry points.

Atlanta Bat Removal

Georgia bats become a major nuisance when they choose to roost in your home or business. Often settling in attics or barns, bats pose a health hazard as they can carry diseases. If not dealt with immediately, the bats can begin building a colony. However, since bats may bite and carry rabies, it is strongly recommended that you rely on professionals. For removal of bats from your Atlanta home or business, the experts at AAAC can safely, effectively and humanely evict the bats. Our Atlanta bat removal services include a 67 point certified inspection, a complete sealing of your home or business, and a full repairing of any damage. Our professionals conduct these steps in order to ensure that the bats will not return.